Declaration of birth

Declaration of birth

Declaration of birth

Registration of Birth

Documents required:

Give the information required by either:

- Declaration by the person who found the birth.
- Declaration of the hospital or clinic where the birth took place.
- Anyone who attended the birth.

Any documentation establishing the identity of the father or the mother of the newborn , Tel. that :

- The national identity of the father or the motherboard.
- Or the family booklet.
- Or the birth certificate of a son .
- Signature of the declarant to register birth registration .


The registrars of the municipal district
Steps to follow :

 the person must :
- Apply to the registrar.
- Provide the required information.
- Inform the place of birth.
- Sign two copies of the register of birth registration .

Delays :

 Registration must take place within 10 days following the birth.
Beyond the legal deadline , registration can be done only with the permission of the court.

Regulatory references :

- The 22,23,24,25 and 27 articles of the law n ° 57-3 of 1 August 1957 governing civil status.
- The 3.7 and 10 articles of the Law No. 65 - 31du 24/7 /1965 Vital .
- Circular of the Ministry first No. 15 of 14 February 1989.