Building permit

Building permit

The building permit file must include:


A request on plain paper, signed by the petitioner or his representative. (2 exemples)

A certificate of ownership or a judgment in petition or another document assigning the ownership of the plot, on which it is planned to build (2 copies)

A construction project (5 copies).

A receipt for the personal income tax or corporate tax declaration (2 copies)

A receipt for payment of taxes due on the building covered by the building permit application (2 copies).

Study setting the minimum technical specifications aimed at saving energy consumption for construction and extension projects for buildings for collective residential and office use, the covered area of ​​which exceeds 500 m2 (Prepared by the architect who designed the project or a design office or a specialized consulting engineer and approved by a technical controller authorized by the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning in the field of buildings) (5 copies).

Presentation note (2 copies)

Copy of the national identity card (2 copies)