Assigning a name

Assigning a name

Assigning a name

Terms of:

 The applicant must have a name different from that of other family members family.

 Documents required:

- Application on behalf of the Minister of Interior and Local Development in the complete address of the person with his signature legalized.
- Excerpt from recent birth
- Birth certificate ( or death ) of the father of the person concerned.
Excerpts from recent birth - brothers of the person with different names to his.
- Photocopy of the national identity card of the person concerned .

Stages of performance:

- Establish a complete and prepare an Amending text
- Send the text first ministry for approval and publication in the Official Journal of the Tunisian Republic .
- Transmit the draft after its publication in the municipality concerned to mention the correction to the birth of the individual.


The registrars of the municipal district


Two months .

Regulatory references :

- Law n ° 57-3 of 1 August 1957 governing civil status.
- Act No. 53 of November 24, 1964 Vital .
- Joint Circular of the Prime Minister and Justice No. 45 of 29 September 1989 .