Marriage file

Marriage file

Marriage file

Conclusion of a marriage contract

Terms of:

future husband must fulfill all the legal requirements of marriage :
- Having reached the legal age and failing a court authorization.
- The consent of the intending spouses.
- A confirmation made ​​by two reputable witnesses exemption future husband all cases of statutory impediments .
- The establishment of a dot in favor of the wife.

Documents required:

- Birth of both spouses
- Premarital medical certificate .
- Photocopy of the national identity card or other official document proving the identity of both spouses map
- Authorization of the court for those who have not attained the legal age.
- Written guardian by deed Agreement if not attending the marriage , and both the man for the woman who has not reached the majority
- Excerpt from the death of the husband or wife for widows and widowers , shipping divorce for divorce .
- Administrative authorization for those of internal security forces , subject to prior authorization of marriage such as active agents , customs and the national army.
- Certification of the consulate or embassy confirming the possibility of contracting marriage for foreigners.
- Certificate of conversion to Islam for non-Muslims who wish to marry a Muslim Tunisia .
- Presentation of the identity card for each of the two witnesses who must meet the legal requirements.


The registrars of the municipal district

Steps to follow :
stakeholders ( both spouses or their representative with an official power of attorney) must:
- Assistance in building cases they submit to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Solidarity .
- Apply to the registrar.
- Provide the required documents .
- Set a date for the marriage .
- Interested parties and witnesses and the officer of civil status must sign the marriage contract


Of the order of two days to a week

Regulatory references :

- Articles 15 and 32 to 39 of Act No. 57 of 1 August 1957 regulating civil status .
- Decree of 13 August 1956 promulgating the Code of Personal Status and texts have changed.
- The special status related to assets bodies internal security forces , customs officers , military and diplomatic agents.