City Council

City Council

City Council

Council’s composition

The city council is elected every 5 years by the electoral district’s inhabitants; the number of the council’s members is defined by a decree. The Council shall convene 4 ordinary assemblies in February, May, July and November and may meet, every time it is necessary, in an extraordinary assembly.

Council’s prerogatives

The council looks after achieving citizens’ aspirations mainly in the field of cleanliness, infrastructure, the protection of the environment and the smartening up of the city. The council discusses all topics relating to these issues and defines investment plan’s items and items making up the city council’s budget.

Council’s structure

The city council is made up of 24 members:

 - the mayor

- 04 Assistants

- 31 Advisers


The city council board

The board is made up of assistants and chairmen of committees. The board meets monthly to discuss issues which should be brought forward to the council.


The council includes 9 permanent committees in charge of the city council’s main activities. They play an advisory role with the council. If an important issue has to be studied, it is possible to set up a special sub-committee.
Permanent committees are detailed as follows:

 1- Commission on Participatory Democracy and Open Governance

2- Committee on Works and Development

3-Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and follow-up measures

4-Committee on Social Affairs, Employment, the Disabled and the Disabled

5- Committee on Administrative Affairs and Provision of Services

6- Commission for Arts, Culture and Education

7- Committee on cleanliness, health and the environment

8-The decentralized cooperation committee

9-Women and Family Commission

10-Information, Communication and Evaluation Commission

11-Equality Committee and Equal Opportunities

12- Children, Youth and Sports Commission