educational projects

educational projects

educational projects

- The Tunisian Virtual School : The Digital School is a place of learning resources : relevant , varied, and comply with the official programs in place .

- Digital Space primary schools

- Teaching Manuals: A selection of digitized textbooks and dynamically presented in favor of primary classes

- Tests Tray Tunisian and corrected : The site includes a range of subjects offered to the Tunisian Baccalaureate tests since 1994 and are presented by section and by subject. These topics are accompanied by corrected, comments and methodological guidance developed by a group of teachers.

- Labs languages ​​: Draft language laboratories in Tunisia is at first sight a way to promote language learning and to give new momentum to a language class

- ETwinning teachers , teacher librarians and principals in primary or secondary public or private contract , of all disciplines in the participating countries can register for eTwinning . There is no need for any special technical skills.


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