Cleanliness and environment

Cleanliness and environment

Cleanliness and environment

La Soukra city council pays a particular attention to cleanliness and environment. It is continiously looking for the development of work methods and for the reinforcement of its fleet and staff working on the improvement of life standards in the region.

Fields of intervention
- Disposal of household garbage
- Cleaning road sides
- Automatic sweeping of main roads
- Manual sweeping of public squares
- Cleaning of waterways
- Cleaning and weeding of fields
- Cleaning of bare lands
- Cutting of trees

Within the framework of the national privatization program and the transfer of several public services for the benefit of private operators ; La Soukra city council subcontracted the disposal of household garbage which service is now carried out by a private company

The process of removal of household waste from the municipality Soukra and all residential areas is steadily with specialized equipment and supplies :


Human capital

- General Supervisor
- 4 supervisors
- 22 Drivers
- 34 workers
- 16 workers waste lifting


- 3 trucks with compressor capacity 16 m³
- 3 (10-ton truck)
- 8 tractor
- 2 Terctobal
- Trax machine

Privatized Equipment:
Human capital

- 2 Director
- 09 Pilot
- 17 workers raise feces


- Truck with compressor capacity 16 m³
- 5 ton truck 2
- tractor
- Sweeper small

Where they raise about 27,000 tonnes per year using:

Teams sweep activity
manual sweeping 

In addition to work and approaches to clean the streets and squares of all residential neighborhoods Municipalitéla Soukra involves two teams of manual sweeping
- Team "Borj Louzir"
- Team "Soukra Montazah"

Regional prize of cleanliness and environment:
La Soukra city council received twice the first regional prize for cleanliness and environment awarded on the occasion of the national cleanliness and environment day in June 2004 and June 2005.

Higiene and fight against insects

Fight against insects :

It concerned 70% of the municipal zone,  covered ponds, wadis and state-owneniales.

Available tools :

- 2 tractor-drawn pump ( 1500 l , 1000 l)
- 2 tractors
- Swing fog
- 4 portable swing fogs
- 2 big-size swing fogs
- 3 administrative vehicles
- 2 Vacuum pump with water (power 4 horses, 12 horses power)

Remove weeds

The municipality hires a team to manually remove weeds from the sidewalks and the main approaches and construction waste
Devotes one sweep machine and 2 trucks that run twice a week at least, for each district, according to the monthly program that is prepared in advance by the specialized authorities, according to priorities.
The estimated amounts that are filed each year by 50,000 m3 of construction waste.

Cleaning the white land

The municipality spends scanning machine to develop the land and removing weeds where the estimated number of white land Soukra are 2759 sites.

Lifting of waste from gardens
Municipality fixed service to lift waste from gardens a price of 15 dinars per tractor for citizens who want this service, and most that are thrown at random are lifted by heavy equipment.

Maintenance of waste containers

The municipality is the maintenance of all types of containers by washing once a month automatically by a truck specially designed for this purpose or manually in the company warehouse