Regional Development

Regional Development

Regional Development

At the regional level

The program of municipal and urban development structure according to the following classification :
- Projects to local character
- Projects of common inter- partnership or public areas
- Collaborative projects with the public and private sectors
- Partnership projects with civil society

Infrastructure projects

- Paving and road drainage
- Public lighting
- The energy saving projects
- Cleaning of the highway
- The stormwater drainage
- The distribution of drinking water

Project management and beautification

- The Public Gardens
- Green spaces
- Acquisition of immovable property
- Development and maintenance of cemeteries

The economic development projects

- Business premises , kiosks, local municipal market , market areas , weekly market, cattle market , shopping center, artisan district , shops, stalls , village halls , residential land, parking cars

The purchase of maintenance equipment and computer equipment

- Equipment for cleaning of roads, computer equipment, computerization projects

Construction of administrative buildings

- Municipal Palace , Municipal Warehouse, Municipal District, Tax Office

Planting and maintenance

- Buildings at risk of collapse, infrastructure , municipal facilities , community facilities

The Studies

- Studies of projects included in the current program

Projects partnerships between municipalities or the public sectors

Between Municipalities

- Infrastructure
- Development and beautification
- Economic projects
- Acquisition of equipment
- studies

A regional

- Amusement parks
- Economic projects
- Other Projects

Other Projects

- The entertainment parks
- Waste management and representation
- Other Projects

Partnership projects with civil society

- Development and maintenance of green spaces
- Recreational areas
- Facilities and maintains equipment
- The achievement of neighborhoods stages
- Development and maintenance of cemeteries
- Other Projects