Municipal Services

Municipal Services

Municipal Services

General Secretariat

The General Secretariat, under the supervision of the mayor, looks after the smooth operation of the city council services and the coordination between its different structure and staff. Moreover, it watches over the implementation and the follow up of the mayor’s decisions. The General Secretariat includes following sections and offices:

- Organisation and data processing section
- Regulations and city police section
- Section of information and relationships with citizens
- Secretariat of the Council’s, the Board’s and Committees’ affairs
- Central mail office
- Equipment management office

Department of administrative affairs 

This department includes following divisions and sections:

Division of administrative, social and cultural affairs

in charge of the management of human resources, further education, occupational safety and the follow up of civil status services:
- Human resources section
- Civil status and elections section
- Section of land affairs and disputes
- Section of social, cultural, youth and sports affairs

Division of financial affairs and development of resources

- Accounting and budget section
- Taxes section
- Contracts, procurement and purchases section
- Section of economic affairs

Departement of country planning and works

The department of country planning and works is responsible for planning the city council’s projects, for city planning studies and for the implementation of country and city planning projects and detailed national and regional development plans. It is also in charge of issuing construction and plots permits and certificates of end of works. This department includes two divisions:

Country planning division

- Section of country planning, studies and projects follow up
- Section of plots, construction and end of works certificates

Roads and works division:

- Section of roads and traffic
- Section of public lightening
- Section of workshops and maintenance

Department of hygiene, cleanliness and environment

This Department is in charge of watching over the cleaning of the city area, the collection and processing of household garbage and its transportation to the public dump. It is also responsible for the fight against pollution in order to preserve the environment and to set up and keep up new green areas and parks. The Department of hygiene, cleanliness and environment includes following divisions and sections:

Division of hygiene

- Health control section
- Section of fight against insects, diseases and pollution

 Division of cleanliness and environment

- Cleanliness section
- Horticulture section
- Administration of constructivism
- Service building permit
- Service and urban development studies and monitoring projects